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Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online marketing program that helps you to appear your business on the top of the Google and other search engines. It is a very interesting and unique method of advertising that boost your services. With a strong campaign strategy, you can put your brand and service in front of the right audience.

At, Pixel Plugz, we help you to enhance your business visibility by providing the right advice. We serve the area of San Francisco Bay Area and deliver the solutions that fits your business. Creating a PPC campaign for a particular brand is very tricky. If once you appoint the wrong keyword or write your ad in a wrong way, you are going to overpriced clicks. At Pixel Plugz, our professionals of Pay Per Click help you to create a PPC campaign by using specific keywords.

Pay Per Click Service

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How Does PPC campaign work?

Pay Per Click is one of the most transparent and powerful methods of digital advertising. By creating an ad you tell people what you offer. In a PPC advertising you can buy search engine traffic based on relevant keywords. When you create a digital advertising for your business, you set a budget. When a visitor clicks on the ad, you pay a fix amount from your budget.

If the words match with your keywords that people type in the search engine box or Google, your ad automatically appears on the search engine results pages.

Different types of Pay Per Click Campaign

  • Google AdWords: When you are looking to bring new visitors on your website, Google AdWords can help you. People find your business on the Google when they look for the services that you offer. Google AdWords help you reach the right audience on the right time.
  • Facebook Advertising: Facebook is the most popular social advertising platform used by everyone. Our PPC expert helps you to create a Facebook advertisement and encourage the visitors to engage with your brand.
  • Display Advertising: If you want to see your ad over the Internet, display advertising is a good option. You can deliver your brand message in the different forms like video, text, audio, images and flash.
  • Remarketing: Remarketing is a method to target past audience who have previously visited your site. It also called Retargeting.
  • YouTube Advertising: There are billions of users who use YouTube to watch movies, songs, news and others. YouTube advertising allows you to bring new traffic to your website. Our professionals have years of experience to create the YouTube ad.

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Are you worried about your website traffic? Don’t panic. We, Pixel Plugz, help you improve your leads and maximize ROI (Return on Investment). We promise to bring heavy traffic on your site. We use new technology to create new milestone.

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